Watch an excavation unfold week by week!

The triumphant feeling of finding an artefact... even if it is just a clay pipe © Copyright ARS Ltd 2023
Grey Ware pottery found on the surface © Copyright ARS Ltd 2023
A contemplative archaeologist trying to discern whether it is HAD OX ware © Copyright ARS Ltd 2023

We’re embarking on an excavation and bringing you along for the ride.

ARS Ltd is beginning work on a new project in the village of Milton, working with Cambridgeshire Constabulary ahead of the proposed building of a new police station. It’s a site nearly 4ha in size that sits within a landscape rich in archaeology. Previous investigations have revealed evidence from potentially as far back as the Mesolithic, with significant signs of Bronze Age, Iron Age, and Roman occupation – including two rare Iron Age log ladders and a Roman barrow too – and even some Anglo Saxon and Medieval finds as well!

For more details on the site, see the Milton project page.

Excitingly, we’ll be posting updates from the site to showcase progress on the project, with photos, videos and behind-the-scenes access revealing our archaeologists at work. From start to finish, you can see us undertaking geochemical surveys, UAV photography and multispectral analysis to guide environmental sampling and the excavation itself. Together we offer you the chance to explore the recording of archaeological deposits and artefacts encountered, and to learn how we process, conserve and store the finds.

It promises to be a fascinating in-depth look at how an excavation like this progresses from week to week and we can’t wait to share the journey of discovery with you.

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UPDATE: see our first week’s news from the site here.

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