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AuthorYearTitleEdited Book TitlePage NosKey wordsLocation (Gateshead, Bakewell etc.)Shelf Code
   Magna Carta 1215 [a translation]20Medieval John,King LawsB'well942.03 MA
   Cemetery complex and settlement sites at Skateholm, Skane, Sweden: site reports150?Palaeolithic Mesolithic Mortuary practice ScandinaviaB'well930.120948 CE
    12Cup and ring ManagementB'wellR3
  Balbridie: excavations 1977-80 25Scotland Neolithic Buildings-timberframedB'well930.14 BA
  revolution and Prehistoric Europe     
Shennan Experiments in the Collection and Analysis of archaeological survey data: the East Hampshire Survey  Archaeology - Survey Methods Data Analysis Hampshire - EastB'well930.10723 SH
   Middle Hill, Wormhill [Derbys.}3Neolithic Derbyshire Bronze weapons LithicsB'wellN2
   Meso 2010: final programme and abstracts249MesolithicB'well930.13 ME
   AngloSaxon Chronicles: translated and collated288Anglo-Saxons-sourcesB'well942.015 AN
   Meso 2005182MesolithicB'well930.13 ME
  Fife 7FifeB'well941.29 FI
   Cemetery complex and settlement sites at Skateholm, Skane, Sweden: analysis, synthesis and discussion100?Paleolithic Mesolithic Mortuary practice ScandinaviaB'well930.120948 CE
   Stone axe studies: the petrology of prehistoric stone implements from the British Isles297Neolithic Stone toolsB'well930.14 ST
 2???Sites and seed assemblages, Dating evidence, Taphonomic role of crop processing, Results in their wider archaeological context, Summary and conclusion, Appendix 29-35;51-85;145-167NorthEast Sites PlantsB'wellNO2
Collingwood192?Roman frontier in Britain 15-30RomansB'well936.1 CO
Simpson196?Food vessels in South-West Scotland 26Bronze age Scotland PotteryB'well4.42 SI
Jobey196?Homesteads and settlements of the frontier area 14Scotland Iron age Settlements England-North Romans SettlementsB'wellPS1
Ferrier196?Tidal fish-traps in Bute 31-35Scotland Diet FishtrapsB'wellM1
Janssen197?Local and regional pollen deposition 31-43Pollen analysisB'wellNEC1
Moran198?Bronze Age metallurgy: exoerimental smelting, alloying and casting, using Bronze Age technology and techniques c.20 mins.Bronze age Bronze technologyB'well930.15 MO
Twohig198?Rock carvings at Roughting Linn, Northumberland 37-46Rock art NorthEasrB'wellR2
Jacobi199?Creswellian, Creswell and Cheddar 128-140Palaeolithic Flints Creswellian cultureB'well930.12 JA
 199?At the border of human habitat: the late Palaeolithic and Early Mesolithic in Scandinaviain The Earliest settlement of Scandinavia and its relationship with neighbouring areas157-176Palaeolithic Mesolithic ScandinaviaB'well930.120948 FI
Gron199?What is a hunter-gatherer settlement? An ethno-archaeological and interdisciplinary approach 7Mesolithic SettlementsB'well930.13 GR
Fowler199?Ebb's Nook, Beadnell, Northumberland 45-50NorthEast Early medieval ChurchesB'wellNO1
Zammit199?Copper age temples of Hagar Qim and Mnajdra 32Neolithic Megaliths Rock art MaltaB'well930.14094 CO
Oliver199?Petroglyphs of Baildon Moor 29Rock art Yorkshire, WestB'well930.145 OL
Barclay199?Excavations at Barrow Hills, Radley, Oxfordshire: the Neolithic and Bronze Age monument complex 389Neolithic Bronze age funerary practices ThamesB'well930.14 BA
Thomas199?Rethinking the Neolithic 212Neolithic funerary practices Megaliths PotteryB'well930.14 TH
Rowe200?Lower Palaeolithic biface found at South Gare, Redcar 2Paleolithic NorthEast LithicsB'wellP1
 200?Brown's Bay report 18Mesolithic NorthEast LithicsB'wellM2
 200? Dronfield parish church22Parish churches DronfieldB'well942.5 DR
Wickham-Jones200?Structural evidence in the Scottish Mesolithic 11Mesolithic Scotland Buildings SitesB'wellM2
Waddington200?Cup and rings and passage grave art: insular and imported traditions? 13Rock art Cup and ringB'wellR1
Spikins200?GIS based interpolation applied to distinguishing occupation phases of early prehistoric sites 24Mesolithic Sites Geographical information systemsB'wellM1
 200? Last Hunter-gatherer-fishermen in sandy Flanders (NW Belgium): the Verrebroeck and Doel excavation projects334Coastal regions Belgium North Sea MesolithicB'well930.13 LA
Chadwick200?Fields for discourse: landscape and materialities of being in South and West Yorkshire and Nottinghamshire during the Iron Age and Romano-British periods 477Iron age Romans Yorkshire,South Yorkshire,WestB'well942.8 CH
 200? Archaeological investigations A1 Bramham to Wetherby upgrading scheme12Iron age Romans Yorkshire,WestB'well942.8 AR
Gron200?Cultural micro-mosaics: a problem for the archaeological culture conceptin Scandinavian archaeological practice - in theory342-350Archaeology-socioeconomic aspects Archaeology-TheoryB'well930.101 GR
Groves et al.200?Bowl Hole early Mediaeval cemetery at Bamburgh, excavations 1998 to 1999 25NorthEast Anglo-Saxons CemeteriesB'wellNO1
Sorensen200?Coastal research potential in the early Mesolithic on Bornholm 9-24Mesolithic Coastal regions Denmark SettlementsB'wellM6
Wickham-Jones200?Summer walkers? - mobility and the Mesolithic 8Mesolithic ScotlandB'wellM2
van Hoek200?Geography of cup-and-ring art in Europe 152-169Rock art EuropeB'well930.145 HO
van Hoek200?Geography of cup-and-ring art in Europe 212-255Rock art EuropeB'well930.145 HO
Young200?Northumberland Coast Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty and European Marine Site: geodiversity and action plan 70Coastal regions NorthumberlandB'well551.457 YO
van Hoek200?Geography of cup-and-ring art in Europe 170-211Rock art EuropeB'well930.145 HO
Frodsham200?The Phallic explanation 9Rock artB'wellR1
Gron200?Underwater landscapes: unrecognized cultural heritage and research resources 18-21Mesolithic Marine archaeologyB'well930.130948 GR
Joris200?Reconstruction of a trapzoidal planned tent structure at the Magdalen excavation at Gonnersdorf, Mid-Rhine 5Palaeolithic SettlementsB'wellP1
Harding200?Neolithic and Bronze Age monument complex of Thornborough, North Yorkshire, and its landscape context: desk top assessment 43Yorkshire,North Landscapes SitesB'well942.8 HA
Haselgrove201?Keeping up with the neighbours? Changing perceptions of later prehistoric societies in central Britain 13Iron age Social change Climate SettlementsB'wellIA1
Martin et al.201?Archaeological investigations A1 Bramham to Wetherby upgrading scheme 13NorthEast Iron age Romans Funerary practicesB'well942.8MA
Armit201?Headhunting and social power in Iron Age Europe 590-607Iron age RitualsB'wellIA1
Hunter1819Hallamshire: the history and topography of the parish of Sheffield in the county of York with historical and descriptive notices of the parishes of Ecclesfield, Hansworth, Treeton, and Whiston, and of the chapelry of Bradfield 299Sheffield HistoryB'well942.8 HU
Bateman1848Vestiges of the antiquities of Derbyshire and the sepulchral usages of its inhabitants from the remote ages to the Reformation 248Derbyshire Staffordshire Prehistory funerary practicesB'well942.5 BA
 1848Six old English chronicles…[authors are Ethelwerd, Asser, Geoffrey of Monmouth, Gildas, Nennius and Richard of Cirencester 512Anglo-Saxons-sources Romans-sources Alfred.King-sources Early medieval-sourcesB'well942.01 SI
Selby1850Notice of some fossil remains of the Bos primigenius 45-48Skeltons,NonhumanB'wellM3
Longstaffe1854History and Antiquities of the parish of Darlington in the Bishoprick (sic) 552Darlington History SitesB'well942.86 LO
Hodgson1858History of Northumberland in three parts: Part 1 containing the general history of the county…with a narrative of events… 400Nothumberland HistoryB'well942.88 HO
Bateman1861Ten years diggings in Celtic and Saxon grave hills, in the counties of Derby, Stafford and York, from 1848 to 1858; with notices of some former discoveries, hitherto unpublished and remarks on the crania and pottery from the mounds 309Derbyshire Staffordshire Yorkshire Barrows FindsB'well942.5 BA
Greenwell1863Account of the opening of two barrows situated in the parish of Ford, and County of Northumberland 390-394NorthEast Bronze age BarrowsB'wellNO3
Tate1865Ancient British sculptured rocks of Northumberland and the Eastern borders, with notices of the remains associated with these sculptures 46 plus 12 platesRock art NorthumberlandB'well930.145 TA
Greenwell1868Notes of the opening of Ancient British tumuli in north Nortumberland  NorthEast Barrows Pottery-urnsB'wellNO3
Hall1887Possible meaning of prehistoric cup marked stones 43-48Rock art Cup and ringB'wellR2
Hall1887?On some cup-incised stones, found in an ancient British burial-mound at Pitland Hills, near Birtley, North Tynedale 269-283Rock art Cup and ring NorthEastB'wellR2
Holderness1888Battle of Brunanburgh: an attempt to identify the site 55Anglo-Saxons Sites Yorkshire,EastB'well942.015 HO
 1899 Ancient remains near Buxton (being reprints of papers by J.C.Cox;John Ward and W.H. Salt regarding the archaeological explorations of Micah Salt)192Peak district Buxton Barrows Caves FindsB'well942.5 AN
 1899Catalogue of the Bateman collection of antiquities in the Sheffield Public Museum 254Derbyshire Staffordshire FindsB'well942.5 CA
Trenchmann1905Neolithic remains on the Durham coast 361-363Mesolithic NorthEastB'wellM3
 1905 Victoria History of the counties of England: Durham422Durham HistoryB'well942.86 VI
 1905 Victoria History of the county of Derby435Derbyshire HistoryB'well942.5 VI
 1907 Victoria History of the counties of England: Durham429Durham HistoryB'well942.86 VI
Trenchmann1914Notes on Neolithic chipping-sites in Northumberland and Durham 67-85Neolithic Mesolithic NorthEastB'wellM3
May1922Roman forts of Templeborough near Rotherham 132Roman forts Yorkshire,SouthB'well936.1 MA
Buckley1922Pygmy industry on Northumberland coast 376-377Mesolithic NorthEast LithicsB'wellM3
Buckley1924?Microlithic industries of Northumberland 42-47Mesolithic NorthEast LithicsB'wellM3
Craw1925Reports of meetings for 1925: $. Yeavering Bell 355-361NorthEast Churches HillfortsB'wellNO3
Craw1925Mutiny stones, Berwickshire 198-204NorthEast Cairns-longB'wellNO3
Jobey1928Notes on prehistoric pottery and a bronze pin from Ross Links, Northumberland 13-25NorthEast Bronze age Pottery-urnsB'wellNO1
Sitwell1930Stones of Northumberland and other lands 174Megaliths Stone circles Rock art Brittany ScotlandB'well930.14SI
Childe1931Skara Brae: a pictish village in Orkney 208Orkney Neolithic settlementsB'well930.1409411CH
Craw1932Excavation of two Bronze Age cairns on Coldsmouth Hill, near Yetholm 379-384NorthEast Bronze age CairnsB'wellNO3
Honeyman1932Goatstones 304-306Megaliths Rock art NorthEastB'wellS1
Honeyman1933Standing stones of Hethpool 116-117Stone circles NorthEastB'wellS1
Cowen1933Two bronze swords from Ewart Park, Wooler 185-198NorthEast Bronze weaponsB'wellNO2
Clark1934Late Mesolithic settlement site at Selmeston, Sussex 134-158Mesolithic SouthEast SettlementsB'wellM3
Raistrick1934?Prehistoric site on the South Durham Coast 139-144Mesolithic NorthEast Coastal regionsB'wellM3
Raistrick1934?Mesolithic sites of the North East coast of England 188-198Mesolithic NorthEast FlintsB'wellM3
Charlton1934?Report on a tria excavation at Old Bewickl 253-256NorthEast HillfortsB'wellHF2
Newbigin1935Neolithic 148-157NorthEast Neolithic Pottery LithicsB'wellNO3
 1935[Hillforts] 31-41NorthEast HillfortsB'wellNO2
Cowen1935Whittingham sword 280-309NorthEast Bronze weaponsB'wellNO2
Craw1935Duddo Stone circle 84-6NorthEast Stone circlesB'wellNO3
Newbigin1936Devil's Lapful 166-167Neolithic NorthEast Cairns-longB'wellN2
Trechmann1936Mesolithic flints from the submerged forest at West Hartlepool 161-168Mesolithic NorthEast LithicsB'wellM2
Clark1937Mesolithic pit-dwellings 476-478Mesolithic SouthEast SettlementsB'wellM1
Kelley1937Acheulian flake tools 15-28Palaeolithic Stone toolsB'wellP1
Hencken1938Excavation of the Iron Age camp on Bredon Hill, Gloucestershire, 1935-1937 1-111Iron age Hillforts WestMidlandsB'wellHF1
Gresham1939Spettisbury Rings, Dorset 115-131Iron age SouthWest Hillforts FindsB'wellHF1
Wake1939Excavations at Witchy Neuk, Hepple 129-139NorthEast Iron age SettlementsB'wellNO1
Piggott et al.1939Stone and earth circles in Dorset 138-158Henges Stone circles WestB'wellH1
Clark1939Excavations at Farnham, Surrey (1937-38): the Horsham Culture and the question of Mesolithic dwellings 61-118Mesolithic SouthEast SettlementsB'wellM1
Keeney1939Pagan Anglian cemetery at Howick, Northumberland 120-129NorthEast Anglo-Saxons CemeteriesB'wellNO1
Hogg1942Excavations in a native settlement at Ingram Hill, Northumberland 110-133NorthEast Iron age SettlementsB'wellHF1
Clark1946Seal-hunting in the Stone Age of North-Western Europe: a study in economic prehistory 12-48Mesolithic Neolithic Europe-NorthWest SealingEconomicsB'wellM5
Alexander et al1946Metals in the service of man 237MetalsB'well669 AL
Piggott et al1948Excavations at Cairnpapple Hill, West Lothian, 1947-48 68-123Henges Funerary practices ScotlandB'wellH1
Piggott1948Excavations at Hownam Rings, Roxburghshire,1948 193-225Scotland Hillforts Iron age SettlementsB'wellHF1
Piggott1949Iron Age settlement at Hayhope Knowe, Roxburghshire, excavations 1949 45-67Scotland Iron age SettlementsB'wellHF1
Atkinson1950?Four new henge monuments in Scotland and Northumberland 57-66Henges Scotland NorthEast Neolithic EarlyBronze ageB'wellH1
Caeser1951Conquest of Gaul 283Romans-Gaul Roman literatureB'well936.4 CA
Hogg1951The Votadini 200-220Iron age-tribes NorthEast Scotland Traprain LawB'wellHF1
Lucretius1951Nature of the Universe 256Roman science Roman literatureB'well937 LU
Piggott1951Carlwark, a hillfort in Derbyshire 210-212Hillforts Early medievalB'wellHF2
Piggott1952Prehistoric India to 1000 BC 293IndiaB'well934 PI
Kenyon1952?Excavations at Sutton Walls, Herefordshire, 1948-1951 1-85Iron age SouthWest HillfortsB'wellHF1
Clark1953Prehistoric Europe: the economic basis 349England SettlementsB'well940 CL
Herodotus1954Histories 599Greeks, ancient-history Greek literatureB'well938 HE
Piggott1954Neolithic cultures of the British Isles: a study of the stone-using communities of Britain in the second millennium B.C. 420NeolithicB'well930.14 PI
Lacaille1954Stone Age in Scotland 345Palaeolithic Mesolithic ScotlandB'well930.1209411 LA
 1955 English Historical Documents c.500-1042867Anglo-Saxons-sourcesB'well942.015 EN
Sellman1956Castles and fortresses 76Medieval CastlesB'well942.02 SE
Clark1956Maglemosian site at Brandesburton, Holderness, Yorkshire 6-22Mesolithic Yorkshire,East SitesB'wellM2
 1956 Sheffield and its region314Sheffield Prehistory HistoryB'well942.8 SH
Feachem1956Fortifications on Traprain Law 284-289Scotland Iron age HillfortsB'wellHF1
Walker1956Site at Stump Cross, near Grassington, Yorkshire, and the age of the Pennine microlith industry 23-28Mesolithic Pennines YorkshireB'well942.8 WA
Piggott1956Excavations in passage-graves and ring-cairns of the Clava group, 1952-3 173--207Tombs-passage Cairns-ring Cup and ringB'wellR3
Hogg1956Further excavations at Ingram Hill 150-160NorthEast Iron age SettlementsB'wellHF1
Forde-Johnston1957Megalithic art in the North-west of Britain: the Calderstones, Liverpool 20-39Rock art NorthWestB'wellR2
Crawford1957Eye Goddess 168Rock art Religion GoddessesB'well930.145 CR
 1958Roman and native in North Britain 174Romans Iron age-tribesB'well936.1 RO
Clark1958Blade and trapeze industries of the European Stone Age 24-42Mesolithic Europe LithicsB'wellM1
Jobey1959Excavations at the native settlement at Huckhoe, Northumberland 217-278NorthEast Iron age Romans SettlementsB'wellNO1
Dury1959Face of the earth 225GeologyB'well551 DU
Clark1960Excavations at the Neolithic site at Hurst Fen, Mildenhall, Suffolk (1954, 1957 and 1958) 202-245Neolithic EastAngliaB'wellN2
Jobey1960Some rectilinear settlements of the Roman period in Northumberland (part 1 pf a survey of earthworks in Northumberland) 1-38NorthEast Settlements Iron ageB'wellHF1
Money1960Excavations at High Rocks, Tunbridge Wells, 1954-1956 173-221Mesolithic SouthEastB'wellM1
Money1962Excavations at High Rocks, Tunbridge Wells, 1954-1956: supplementary note 149-151Mesolithic SouthEastB'wellM1
Jobey1962Iron Age homestead at West Brandon, Durham 1-34NorthEast Iron age SettlementsB'wellHF1
Richmond1963Roman Britain 240RomansB'well936.1 RI
Brewster1963Excavation of Staple Howe 161Iron age HallstattB'well930.16 BR
Radley1964Mesolithic structure at Deepcar, Yorkshire, and the affinities of its associated flint industries 1-24Mesolithic NorthEast LithicsB'wellM1
Jobey1964Enclosed stone built settlements in North Northumberland 41-64NorthEast Romans Settlements Buildings-stone EnclosuresB'wellHF2
Smith et al.1964Note on the distribution of Neolithic storage-pits 367-375Neolithic Settlements West EastMidlandsB'wellPS1
Jackson1964Oldest Irish tradition: A window on the Iron Age 56Iron age Ireland FolkloreB'well930.1609415JA
Burke1964?British decorated axes: a footnote on fakes 343-346Bronze age Axes-bronze Dating-spectographic analysisB'wellB1
Radley1965Maglemosian sites in the Pennines 394-402Mesolithic Pennines LithicsB'wellM2
Coles1965Bronze Age metalwork in Dumfries and Galloway 61-98Bronze age Metalwork ScotlandB'well4.44 CO
Tait1965Beakers from Northumberland 73EarlyBronze age Northumberland PotteryB'well4.42 TA
Eduardson1965Sprirally decorated object from Garboldisham [Norfolk] 144-145EastAnglia Bone tools-decoratedB'wellR1
Piggott1965Ancient Europe from the beginnings of agriculture to Classical antiquity 340Europe EconomicsB'well940 PI
Jobey1965Hillforts and settlements in Northumberland 21-64NorthEast Iron age Settlements HillfortsB'wellHF1
Jobey et al.1966Excavations on palisaded settlements and cairnfields at Alnham, Northumberland 5-48NorthEast Settlements Cairns HillfortsB'wellHF1
Bartley1966Pollen analysis of some lake deposits near Bamburgh in Northumberland 141-156NorthEast Coastal regions Pollen analysisB'wellNEC1
Radley1966Glebe Low, Great Longstone 54-69Neolithic Bronze age Barrows-roundB'wellN3
Houlder1967Henge monuments at Llandegai 58-60Henges Wales-NorthB'wellH1
Brooke1967Saxon and Norman kings 224Anglo-Saxons NormansB'well942.015 BR
Hayes1967Chambered cairn and adjacent monuments on Great Ayton Moor North-East Yorkshire 44Yorkshire,North Cairns-chambered Cairs-ringB'well942.8 HA
Wainwright1967Early Neolithic settlement on Coygan Rock, Carmarthenshire 1 pageWales Neolithic SettlementsB'wellPS1
Clark1967Stone Age hunters 143Palaeolithic Mesolithic Rock art-paintingB'well930.12 CL
Margary1967Roman roads in Britain 546Roman roadsB'well936.1MA
Jobey1967Excavations of cairns at Chatton Sandyford, Northumberland 5-50NorthEast Beaker culture Cairns CemeteriesB'wellBC1
Manby1968Studies in commemoration of William Greenwell, 1820-1918 254-272NorthEast Beaker culture Barrows-round Pottery-urns Tombs-wooden Axes-bronzeB'wellBC1
Tait1968Neolithic pottery from Northumberland 275-281NorthEast Neolithic PotteryB'wellNO3
Roe1968British Lower and Middle Palaeolithic handaxe groups 1-82Palaeolithic SouthEast East Anglia HandaxesB'wellP1
Radley1968Neolithic site at Elton: an experiment in field recording 37-46Neolithic Derbyshire Lithics Archaeology-MethodologyB'wellN2
Houlder1968Henge monuments at Llandegai 216-221Henges Wales-NorthB'wellH1
 1968History of the English Church and people 363Romans-sources Anglo-Saxons-sources Early medieval-sourcesB'well942.015 BE
Sawyer1968Anglo-Saxon charters: an annotated list and bibliography 538Anglo-Saxons-sourcesB'well942.015 SA
Thom1969Geometry of cup-and-ring marks 77-87Cup and ring ScotlandB'wellR2
Warman1969Sheffield emerging city  Sheffield Planning,TownB'well942.8 WA
Wainwright1969Review of henge monuments in the light of recent research 112-133HengesB'wellH1
MacKie1969Radiocarbon dates and the Scottish Iron Age 15-26Scotland Iron age Dating-radiocarbon Hiilforts-vitrifiedB'wellHF1
Burl1969Henges: internal features and regional groups 1-28Henges ArchitectureB'wellH1
Powell1969Megalithic enquiries in the West of Britain: a Liverpool symposium 357Neolithic Megaliths Wales Scotland Gloucestershire WiltshireB'well930.14 PO
Collingwood1969Archaeology of Roman Britain 350RomansB'well936.1 CO
Harding1970County Durham in the prehistoric period 28-30NorthEast SettlementsB'wellPS1
Tacitus1970Agricola and Germania 175Romans Romans-Germania Roman literatureB'well936.1 TA
Mulholland1970Microlithic industries in the Tweed Valley 81-110Mesolithic Scotland FlintsB'wellM3
Manby1970Long barrows of Northern England: structural and dating evidence 1-27Neolithic NorthWest NorthEast Barrows-longB'wellN3
Clark1970Prehistoric Societies 352Europe Asia AmericaB'well940 CL
Hoskins1970Making of the English landscape 326Landscapes-history Landscapes-interpretationB'well3 HO
Stenton1971Anglo-Saxon England 765Anglo-Saxons NormansB'well942.015 ST
Taylor et al1971British Regional Geology: Northern England 125Geology England-Northwest England-NortheastB'well551.0942 TA
Grieg1971British Regional Geology: the south of Scotland 125Geology ScotlandB'well551.09411 GR
Catherall1971Henges in perspective 147-153HengesB'wellH1
Tacitus1971Annals of Imperial Rome 455Roman empire -history Roman literatureB'well937 TA
McInnes1971Settlements in later Neolithic Britain 113-130Neolithic SettlementsB'wellN2
Jobey1971Excavations at Brough Law and Ingram Hill 72-93Iron age NorthEast Hillforts SettlementsB'wellHF1
Smith1971Causewayed enclosures 90-111Neolithic Enclosures-causewayedB'wellN4
Oldfield1971Excavations in Zone VII peat at Storrs Moss, Lancashire, England 112-137Mesolithic NorthWest WetlandsB'wellM1
Clapperton1971Pattern of deglaciation in part of north Northumberland 67-78Northumberland Ice age EnvironmentB'wellNOE1
Simpson1971Beaker houses and settlements in Britain 131-152Beaker culture Settlements BuildingsB'wellBC1
Clarke1971Excavations at Starr Carr: an early Mesolithic site at Seamer near Scarborough, Yorkshire 200Mesolithic YorkshireB'well930.13 CL
Sockett1971Stone axes from Heddon on the Wall 241-245Neolithic NorthEast Stone toolsB'wellN4
Sockett1971Bronze Age barrow at Mount Pleasant, near Normanby, North Riding 33-38NorthEast Bronze age BarrowsB'wellB1
McCord et al.1971Notes on air reconnaissance in Northumberland and Durham -ii 119-130NorthEast SitesB'wellNO3
Jobey1971Romano-British burials at Beadnell, Northumberland 53-65NorthEast Iron age Romans Funerary practicesB'wellNO1
Bokelmann1971Duvensee, ein Wohnplatz des Mesolithikums in Schleswig-Holstein, und die Duvenseegruppe 5-26Mesolithic Settlements EuropeB'wellM6
O'Kelly1971?Passage-grave art in the Boyne Valley 354-382Rock art Ireland Tombs-passageB'wellR2
Burgess1972Goatscrag: a Bronze Age rock shelter cemetery in North Northumberland with notes on other rock shelters and crag lines in the region 15-69NorthEast Bronze age Cemeteries Mesolithic LithicsB'wellNO3
Jobey1972Traprain Law: a summary 191-204Scotland HillfortsB'wellHF1
Burl1972Stone circles and ring-cairns 31-59Stone circles Cairns-ring Tombs-passage Stone circles-recumbent ScotlandB'wellS1
Moore1972Bronze Age metalwork in Salisbury museum 72Bronze age MetalworkB'well4.44 MO
Fleming1972Vision and design: approaches to ceremonial monument typology 57-73Tombs Stone circles ArchitectureB'wellS1
Jobey1972Notes on additional early settlements in Northumberland 71-80Northumberland Settlements  
Jobey1973Native settlement at Hartburn and the Devil's Causeway, Northumberland 11-53NorthEast Iron age SettlementsB'wellNO1
Cunliffe1973Regni 153Iron age-tribesB'well930.16 CU
Todd1973Coritani 164Iron age-tribesB'well930.16 TO
Morris1973Age of Arthur: a history of the British Isles from 350 to 650 665Early medieval Arthur,KingB'well942.014 MO
Masterd1973Lochhill long cairn 96-100Neolithic Scotland Cairns-longB'wellN2
Singer et al.1973Excavation of the Clactonian industry at the golf course, Clacton-on-Sea, Essex 6-74Palaeolithic SouthEast HandaxesB'wellP1
Radice1973Who's who in the Ancient World: a handbook to the survivors of the Greek and Roman classics 336Biographies,Roman Biographies, Greek Mythological personagesB'well930.092 RA
Storey1973Chronology of the Medieval world 800 to 1491 705Medieval-ChronologyB'well909 ST
Coles1973Archaeology by experiment 182Archaeology-experimentalB'well5.1 CO
Hadingham1974Ancient carvings in Britain: a mystery 130Rock artB'well930.145 HA
Watson1974Ancient China: the discoveries of post-Liberation Chinese archaeology 108ChinaB'well931 WA
Gould et al1974Mental maps 204Maps-perception Archaeology-theory 1 GO
Ritchie1974Excavation of the stone circle and cairn at Balbirnie, Fife 1-32Stone circles Cairns-ring ScotlandB'wellS1
 1974 British Prehistory348England ScotlandB'well941 BR
Watkins1974Old straight track: its mounds, beacons, moats, sites and mark stone 234Landscapes-interpretations LeysB'well3 WA
Dodd1974Peakland roads and trackways 176Peak district Roads-History Roman roadsB'well942.5 DO
Redfern1974Dukeries of Nottingham and the adjacent districts of Derbyshire and South Yorkshire 72Derbyshire Nottinghamshire Yorkshire,South HistoryB'well942.5 RE
Hodgson1974History of Northumberland 444Northumberland History, Hadrian's wallB'well942.88 HO
Benson1974UpperThames valley: an archaeological survey of the river gravels 115+platesThames SitesB'well942.2 BE
Beckensall1974Prehistoric carved rocks of Northumberland 14Rock art NorthumberlandB'wellR1
Marsden1974Early barrow diggers 126Archaeology-history BarrowsB'well2 MA
Miket1974Excavation at Kirkhill, West Hepple, 1972 153-187NorthEast BronzeAge Medieval Cemeteries ChurchesB'wellNO3
Radley1974Excavation of three 1-19Mesolithic Pennines SitesB'wellM1
Manby1975Neolithic occupation sites on the Yorkshire Wolds 23-59Neolithic NorthEast Settlements Pottery LithicsB'wellN2
Wilson1975Causewayed camps' and 'interrupted ditch systems 178-186Neolithic SouthEast Enclosures-causewayedB'wellN4
Jobey1975Souterrain at Milfieldhill, Northumberland 215-7NorthEast SouterrainsB'wellNO3
Dunnett1975Trinovantes 165Iron age-tribesB'well930.16 DU
Jobey et al.1975Collared urn cremation on Howick Heugh, Northumberland 1-16Bronze age NorthEast Urns-collared Cremations Cairns-ringB'wellB1
Mellaart1975Neolithic of the Near East 300Neolithic Middle eastB'well930.150956 ME
Daniel1975One hundred and fifty years of archaeology 410Archaeology-historyB'well1 DA
Hawkes1975Webster 154Iron age-tribesB'well930.16 WE
 1975 Industrial archaeology of watermills and waterpower100Water mills Water powerB'well4.6 IN
Gates1975Middle Thames valley: an archaeological survey of the river gravels 64+platesThames SitesB'well942.2 GA
Percival1976Roman villa: an historical introduction 230Roman empire VillasB'well937 PE
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