Geoarchaeology and Palaeoenvironment

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We offer a comprehensive suite of geoarchaeological and palaeoenvironmental services. These include the provision of advice and consultancy for a wide range of geoarchaeological and palaeoenvironmental requirements as well as assessment and full analysis of charcoal, wood, other types of plant macrofossils and pollen to inform on the condition, range and potential of material. We can also help you to submit macrofossils and other residues for radiocarbon dating. In addition, we are highly experienced in the integration of various palaeoenvironmental data and radiocarbon dating information to produce reconstructions of past landscapes, land use and climate.

Geoarchaeology Services
  • Devising strategies and methodologies for driving archaeological evaluation and mitigation approaches, and underpinning negotiations with Local Planning Authorities
  • All types of field survey and sampling, using manual and mechanical corers
  • Borehole monitoring
  • Detailed logging and interpretation of sediment stratigraphy
  • Integration of geoarchaeological and palaeoenvironmental data
  • Deposit modelling using ‘Rockworks’
Palaeoenvironmental Services
  • Comprehensive sampling and processing services using our state-of-the-art processing facility
  • Sediment coring and trenching
  • Pollen identification
  • Palaeobotanical macrofossil identification
  • Wood/charcoal identification
  • Scientific dating recommendations
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