Archaeological Excavation

A high-level photograph taken of an Iron Age roundhouse on a site near Morpeth, Northumberland. © Copyright ARS Ltd 2018
Excavation of a multi-phase Neolithic site that has produced the largest Neolithic ceramic assemblage in northern England. © Copyright ARS Ltd 2018
An open area excavation in the centre of Manchester revealed the remains of workers’ housing dating to the 19th and 20th centuries. © Copyright ARS Ltd 2018

Archaeological excavation is one of our fortes and we have a crack team of hard-working, highly motivated archaeologists who have worked across all parts of the UK. Excavation is usually carried out once planning permission has been granted and can take the form of set-piece excavation where most of the remains are either excavated in whole or heavily sampled. For large areas that have the potential for archaeological remains across much of the site a ‘strip, map and sample’ technique is sometimes employed which is still a form of excavation, but where the emphasis is stripping the soil off everything and rapidly mapping what is there and then target excavating features and only sampling sufficient of them to understand the site and answer key questions. This can generate more information for a larger area than set-piece excavations and is often less expensive too. Although excavation is destructive, it is often the most informative field technique and usually takes place when archaeology would otherwise be destroyed. As excavation is labour-intensive and throws up more post-fieldwork analysis than other techniques, it tends to be the most expensive type of archaeological work.

Archaeological Research Services Ltd has an enviable record in archaeological excavation which we undertake routinely for our commercial clients, as well as for research partners and community clients. We have excavated many high profile sites of all sizes and periods and we are regularly sought after for serious and complex jobs. With our first-class reputation we are a well-known company of choice for the training of university students and volunteer groups.

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