Design and Interpretation

Rescued from the Sea information panel. © Copyright ARS Ltd 2018
Fin Cop information panel. Rescued from the Sea information panel. © Copyright ARS Ltd 2018
Interpretation Materials

ARS Ltd has a market leading track record in providing high-quality design and interpretation products in conjunction with education and interpretation materials.

One of the major outputs of archaeological work is the design and provision of interpretive materials to provide information on a given site or landscape, promote interest and to provide enjoyment for visitors and local residents. In addition, the production of academic and popular books has formed a key role in making the results of archaeological work known to the wider public.

Interpretive materials can take a wide range of forms and ARS Ltd has longstanding experience in designing and producing:

Heritage Trails
Display Boards
Web pages

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The staff at ARS Ltd have considerable experience in the reconstruction of full scale archaeological monuments and structures. Although reconstructions have been made at various locations, the Maelmin Heritage Trail at Milfield which ARS Ltd constructed provides a unique opportunity to see reconstructions of different periods. Highlights include: Archaeological ‘reconstruction’ and experimentation is a valuable interpretive tool as well as an excellent form of outreach, supplying tangible and relevant heritage to the wider public. Results from these experiments can feed back information to the original excavations so that certain questions can be answered, as well as providing popular volunteer participation.