Social Value

Local school visiting the excavations at Black Cat Quarry and having the chance to excavate test pits and handle finds © Copyright ARS Ltd 2022
A great turnout to watch the Iron Age furnace in operation at the Lochinver archaeology open day © Copyright ARS Ltd 2022
Bakewell Crosses Display in Portland Square

Creating social value is at the heart of what we do.

We love helping our clients identify and explore social value outcomes through archaeology to establish real benefits for local communities. It’s why our stated mission is to: “investigate archaeological remains to create value, inspiration and historical knowledge for clients and society.”

By uncovering, sharing and ultimately preserving knowledge of archaeological remains for everyone, we can help clients demonstrate the social return on their investment in a multitude of different ways. Ultimately, this is only limited by imagination so we regularly discuss ideas with clients to find ways to bring the discoveries to life and generate real interest and impact. From inspiring local beers, folk music, plays, TV, radio and podcasts; creating websites, information boards, and reconstructions; providing open days, and participation and training opportunities; using drone technology and 3D digitisation; writing books and papers; and giving lectures; the opportunities are many.

Commercial archaeology is by far the single biggest source of new archaeological knowledge, as well as being a key contributor to local economies, and in some cases heritage-led regeneration. Now, with evidence of ‘environmental, social, and corporate governance’ (ESG) performance being increasingly valued, archaeology provides a straightforward means of successfully achieving the ‘environmental’ and ‘social’ components of most projects. To maximise the gain on archaeological investment it’s usually best to identify and take advantage of social value opportunities at the earliest possible stage of a project. Value creation lies at the core of our Mission and Company Culture so you can be sure we will maximise the benefit for clients and society.

See an example of successful social value outcomes at our award-winning Fin Cop project

Check out our reconstruction at the Maelmin Heritage Trail

Learn how we created social value in the community at our award-nominated Black Cat Quarry excavations

Fin Cop ale brewed specially by Peak Ales © Copyright ARS Ltd
Iron smelting demonstration at the Lochinver open day © Copyright ARS Ltd 2022
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