Landscape Prospection Service

The King's Awards for Enterprise 2023 - ARS Ltd winners in Innovation
UAV remote sensing underway on Yeavering Bell, Northumberland © Copyright ARS Ltd 2023
Undertaking geochemical survey and magnetic susceptibility in the field © Copyright ARS Ltd 2023

Our Landscape Prospection Service (LPS) is an award-winning range of services that integrates multiple cutting-edge datasets to increase the knowledge of the landscapes in which we work. They enable us to improve site detection and locate “hard to find” archaeology, while improving safety, reducing carbon emissions and costs, and speeding up delivery.

On each project we work with clients to rapidly build a bespoke approach to address their needs, specific to the site. Our LPS integrates the following sector-leading approaches to furnish our clients with a wealth of information to better inform planning decisions earlier in the process:

  • Our geoarchaeological mapping and assessment offers a more accurate, evidence-based approach to driving the entire archaeological evaluation for larger development sites.
  • UAV (drone) surveys and remote sensing uses the latest multispectral and lidar imaging sensors for quicker and more efficient archaeological prospection, especially in hard-to-reach or dangerous environments.
  • Our geochemical survey won a King’s Award for Enterprise for Innovation, thanks to its ability to identify and characterise archaeological deposits quickly in the field, rather than having to wait for laboratory analysis.
  • Geophysical survey has long been key to archaeological prospection and is an important item in the LPS toolbox.
  • Our carbon calculator tool allows us to quantify and undertake a comparative analysis of the carbon footprints of various archaeological methods, to help us select combinations of fieldwork techniques that are more sustainable and better for the environment.
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