CARD Fund reopens to applications for 2023

Archaeologists David Anderson and Dr Gemma Cruickshanks and volunteers in 2018 working in the metal-working area of Trench 1 © Michael Sharpe 2022
Gueswick Hills - The palisaded settlement site is on the plateau above the terraced hillside in front of the flock of sheep © Copyright Altogether Archaeology 2022
Further excavation of a magnetometry anomaly at the Irontongue by TAS volunteers Carolanne King and Dee Whitmore overlooking Manchester to the west © Copyright Tameside Archaeological Society 2022

After a successful 2022, we’re excited to announce that the CARD Fund has reopened to applications for 2023.

You can apply on the website any time before the deadline of the 30 November 2023.

What is the CARD Fund

Each year, the Community Archaeology Radiocarbon Dating (CARD) Fund provides funding for ten radiocarbon dates from British archaeological sites which are organised by community archaeology groups. It is co-sponsored by ARS Ltd and the Scottish Universities Environmental Research Centre and has so far provided funding for over 70 dates from around fifty different projects.

Funded projects in 2022

The Fund provided a total of 12 radiocarbon dates for nine community archaeology projects last year. These sites were based all around the UK, from a Bronze Age burnt mound in Moray in the north of Scotland, to a ‘lost church’ of Wenden Parva in Essex, all the way down to Anglo Saxon remains on the south coast in Romsey.

Interested in learning more? Read the article in Current Archaeology that talks about these nine projects in more detail!

How to apply for 2023

You can find out more information about the CARD Fund on our website here or prospective applicants can refer to the main website at for further details of the application process, as well as how to apply.

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